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October 1, 2018
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October 1, 2018

Andriod App Development

Andriod App devolpment


Starts from 1 december 2018

Avenue:Barkat market Near Pu main campus Lahore

This extensive course is designed to provide a good understanding of Android app development using latest versions of Java SE, Android SDK, and Android Studio. Participants of the course will learn essentials of Java programming for Android, creating rich UI for Android applications, storing and access data to internal or external storage of a mobile and to the cloud using RESTful services and usage of device resources such as camera & location sensor in Android apps. It also Deployment of the Android application to Google Play store.Brief Contents

  • Introduction to Java Platform
  • Fundamentals of Java Programming using Java 8
  • Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming
  • Data Structures & Collection Framework
  • Exceptions + Jar & Javadoc Utility
  • Handling Input & output in Java (I/O Streams)
  • Implementing Multithreading Applications
  • Intro to Android App Development & Application Life Cycle
  • Installation & Configuration of Android SDK & Android Studio
  • Android Views, Layouts, Activity, Fragments, List View & Custom Views
  • Activities, Intents, Services, Content Providers & Broadcast Receivers
  • Android Resources, Styles, Themes & Material Design
  • Dialogs, Toasts, Menus, Context Menus, Popup Menus & Web View
  • Store and retrieve data in Shared Preference, internal & external storage
  • Shared Preference, Files, SQLite Database & Content Providers
  • Sending & Receiving data from RESTful services using JSON & XML
  • Working with Android Alerts, Notifications, Status Bar & System Bar
  • Explore Android API for Location, Media, Camera & Connectivity
  • Testing & Debugging Android Apps on AVD & Actual Android Devices
  • Deploying Android Application to Google Play store

Training Methodology

  • Lectures & Demos by industry experts
  • Project Driven Hands-On approach
  • Focus on latest tools, technologies & industry practices
  • Projects, assignments & quizzes for student’s evaluation


  • Students of software engineering, computer science & IT
  • Programmers, Software Developer, Web Developers
  • Software Analysts , Software Designers and Software Architects
  • Any other person willing to learn Android application development

Course ProjectParticipants of the course have to develop a business application for Android. Preferably the application should have multipage user interface and store data to a SQLite database or connect with a RESTful service on the internet to send and receive data.



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